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Keep Your Cool While Traveling In Summer

Summer heat can’t be bullied, bought, reasoned, or negotiated with. That's especially true for your car or truck.

The only option is to prepare for the bruising effects of summer temperatures. See our suggestions.

A Moment of Honor for Humble Nickel

Perhaps Rodney Dangerfield’s face belongs on the nickel, because the coin gets no respect.

After 150 years the nickel still jingles in our pockets and falls between our car seats. Find out more.

Car Care Tips for Your Post-Vacation Blues

Sure, you and your family enjoyed the week-long road trip, except now the car looks like it was rented out to rock stars.

Fortunately, it only takes some time and effort to restore order. Here’s how to make your vehicle feel and smell like new again.

Indispensible Items for Every Road Trip

You’re already the de facto event planner, entertainment coordinator, chauffeur, and navigator for the family road trip.

But another role matters more than all the rest: Survivalist.

First-aid and emergency roadside kits are just two of several safety items you should pack before your next road trip.

Frankenstein Lovers Shuffle Off to Popular Anniversary Spots

Mary Shelley did more than help pass the time during a severe rainstorm 200 years ago. She laid the foundation for one of literature's most complex and enduring horror stories.

You don't have to visit Transylvania to celebrate the anniversary of this classic tale.

Be The Cool Guy (or Gal) at Hot Events

Don’t be that person who brings an ice chest full of soggy sandwiches to the cookout.

Electric coolers you can plug into the dashboard are changing the way people schlep egg salad to and fro.

The Heat Is On: Check Brakes Before Travel

Don't wait for summer to find out your brake system can't handle the heat. Temperatures can push components to the brink of failure.

Here's what you need to know before going on your next road adventure.

USO: 75 Years of Help to America’s Veterans

It started as a way to give soldiers some structured down time and a laugh or two.

Seventy-five years later the United Service Organization is vital to providing veterans and active military with essential services. Comedian Bob Hope made the USO famous by performing for troops, but entertainment accounts for only a part of the organization’s mission.

Drivers Get a Brake Out of Innovative Driving Technology

Decisions made in fractions of a millisecond are the difference between a close call and a collision. There’s not enough room for human error to fit through that small a window.

That’s why  technology that applies the brakes faster than the driver is effectively becoming an industry standard.

Dressed to Impress: Give Your Tires a Bit of Pizzazz for Spring

Audiences never see faded tires during a car show. Jet black tires act like the border of a painting--they enhance the art.
The best part? It really doesn’t take much time or effort to give your tires some pizzazz.