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Spring Cleaning Also Means Vehicle Filters

Filters might be the most underappreciated piece of equipment that directly affects vehicle health--and your passengers well-being, too.

Find out about why they need your attention now.

Remove Winter Grime for Beautiful Wheels

Winter weather--and the tools we use to clear our roadways--can inflict irreversible damage on your wheels.

But don’t stress, since washing away abrasive road salts and contaminants like mud and snow and road grime takes only a few minutes. Here’s what to remember.

Don't Let Allergens Ruin Daily Commute

Those musty floor mats and dingy dashboard aren’t only unpleasant to look at, they’re also adversely affecting your health.

Fortunately, some dusting, vacuuming and filter replacements can have you breathing easy once again.

Seat Covers Target Friends With Paws

Canine claws make short work of upholstery, especially leather. So it’s important to set up some safeguard for your seats before hitting the road with your canine companion this summer.

Seasonal Drives That Include All That Jazz

New Orleans invented jazz, but they’re far from the only city that celebrates the genre with a multi-day festival.

Starting in spring and continuing through summer, stages across the nation host artists sharing their talents and paying homage to legends like Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

Programs Aim to Keep Teens Focused on the Road

Distracted driving is a bad habit that’s easy to fall into. Want to talk to your teen about the dangers of distracted driving? Researchers say to start with addressing the sources of distraction.

What Fluid Leaks Say About Vehicle Health

Whether it’s green, red, or brown, a fluid leak isn’t something to ignore. Learn how to determine where the drip might be coming from based on the fluid’s color.

Help Your Teen Driver Handle Spring Roads

Your teen just got their license, and you’re naturally worried about driving challenges faced in spring. Sunny one moment, raining or hail the next. And lots of road cone zones.

One safety expert suggests using that honest fact to start a conversation.

Alaska: State Begins 150th Anniversary

Alaska offers rich deposits of oil, minerals, wildlife and reality television shows. And it’s all thanks to a deal with the Russians 150 years ago this month.

Storage Accessories Keep Stuff In Its Place

High Road SwingAway™ Front Seat Car Organizer

The passenger seat makes a decent storage space--until you make a turn and everything slides onto the floor.

Plenty of storage devices keep your car neat and tidy, and a vehicle organizer keeps everything in its place--especially those unwieldy groceries.