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Sunglasses Not Just for Looking Cool This Spring

Driving glasses reduce glare for improved visibility

Corey Hart wears his at night and the sharp-dressed members of ZZ Top prefer them cheap. Their popular tunes on sunglasses make for enjoyable listening but don’t help when making the best choice for driving.

“Sunglasses are so important people tend to include them in their mental checklist with wallet and cell phone before they leave the house,” said Bill Yerby, director of sales and marketing for Serengeti Eyewear. “While glare is the biggest issue, eye strain caused by harsh light and squinting presents a real and pervasive hazard for drivers.”

Listen When Your Vehicle Says, 'Knock, Knock'

Cars making unusual noises should be inspected

By Tony Molla

Modern vehicles are designed to run quietly and efficiently, so unusual noises usually indicate trouble is brewing.

But what do those noises mean, and how do you know which are the sounds of a potentially serious problem?

Time to Say Goodbye to Filthy Road Grime

Wash away damaging winter road grime

Not getting stranded was probably your biggest driving concern this winter. Now that spring has rolled around and the sun has returned, chances are you’re seeing the toll nature took on your vehicle.

“All winter you’re taking steps to make sure your battery starts each morning and having the right tires to deal with snow and ice,” said Mike Deddo, a senior chemist for Turtle Wax. “Then spring comes around and you’re thinking ‘my car’s a mess, what am I gonna do?’”

Routine Windshield Cleaning Prevents Foggy Build-up

Get a clear view by keeping windshield clean

Want a simple way to reduce eye strain, glare from the road and extend the life of an expensive piece of equipment? Keep your windshield clean.

“You wouldn’t wear sun glasses to drive at night,”said Dr. Larry Beaver, vice president of technology for RSC Chemical, the company behind GUNK, Motor Medic and many others. “Yet, we drive with dirty windshields and mirrors.

“In strong sunlight or at night, dirt on a windshield is a distraction and in certain circumstances a real danger. Dirt can also hide chips and cracks that need to be repaired,” he said.

ABCs of ABS: Things Drivers Should Know

ABS replaces the need to pump the brake pedal

Ask a driver how their ABS is and chances are you’ll get a blank stare.

Anti-lock brake systems are credited as one of the most advanced safety technologies in modern vehicles yet they are an enigma to many.

How do you know if your ABS is functioning properly? It’s part performance and part education.

5 Reasons to Check Your Tires This Month

Traction improves with proper inflation

Tires don’t get much attention until something goes wrong--like sliding through an intersection during a heavy February storm.

Yet, a few moments of attention can help prevent disaster. After all, tires are one of your vehicle's most important safety components.

How to Keep Your Ride Looking Sharp in Winter

Harsh road grime can damage exterior surfaces

A little time and effort now means far less work making the car look sharp when the days get longer this spring.

So says Mike Deddo, senior research chemist for Turtle Wax.

Save Vehicle Carpets from Patter of Tiny Feet

There’s really no way around filth sneaking into your vehicle during winter. A sturdy set of floor mats protects the interior and reduces musty odors associated with caked mud or damp interior.  

“A durable, custom-fitted floor mat puts nature firmly in its place,” said Tara Duncan, director of marketing for Husky Liners, a Kansas-based company designing and developing heavy-duty floor mats.

Emergency trunk essentials for cold weather driving

Essentials for a roadside emergency

People who live in harsh climates know the importance of a well-stocked emergency kit--a bit of pertinent advice for all drivers planning excursions during winter months.  

“Vehicles have more advanced safety features than ever before, but that doesn’t mean winter driving is any less dangerous,” said Tim DeSpain, a public information officer for Alaska’s Department of Public Safety. “Vehicles have anti-lock brakes, airbags throughout, navigation systems and traction control, but all that doesn’t matter if you’re stranded in the cold.”

Simple steps to protect exterior against harsh weather

Protect paint finish with winter wax job

Waxing isn’t just for muscle cars on display at auto shows. Laying down a protective layer over clean paint helps your vehicle weather the snow, rain and salty roads of winter.

“Winter always has the harshest elements on the paint itself,” said Mike Pennington, a product expert for Meguiar’s, a company specializing in car care products. “A thorough washing and waxing before winter is crucial for the preservation of your vehicle’s exterior. It’s not just a job for summer.”