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Simple tips to keep a clear view on the outside world

Replace wipe blades to reduce window streaking

You wouldn't watch a movie through broken glasses, so why drive with a cracked windshield?

“Maintaining visibility is crucial for driving safety,” said Ron Fausnight, technology specialist at RainX.

Don't let bad lenses lead you down a dark alley

Those bright bulbs in your headlights don’t help much if the plastic guarding them is cloudy and stained. Hazy lenses can dramatically reduce visibility, making night driving potentially hazardous.

Tune-ups: Why your vehicle needs a semi-annual check-up

Regular tune-ups prevent many major issues

By Tony Molla

Just like a doctor checks your general health, a tune up ensures your vehicle performs its best.

If your ‘Check Engine’ light is on, the shop can plug in a scan tool and look for trouble codes to see where the problem is. This can also be a good opportunity to inspect belts, hoses and connections, as well as search for leaks or parts that need to be replaced.

Fright night: When are teens ready to drive alone?

Having a license doesn't mean they've mastered the skill

Almost every teenager has heard the phrase “You need experience to get experience.” So how do teen drivers overcome the conundrum?

“Driving is a difficult skill that takes a good deal of experience to master,” said Kathy Bernstein of The National Safety Council. “Parents can and should continue to practice with their teen even after they get their license.”

Life-saving tips for traveling through school zones

School zones present special challenges for drivers of all ages, especially during the first few weeks of September.

“We want parents to make safety a top priority for their teens as they head back to school this fall,” said Ashley Sharaky, spokesperson for California’s Office of Traffic Safety. “Of course, these reminders apply not only to back-to-school season, but throughout the school year.”

Annual campaign promotes car seat safety for the littlest passengers

Be sure to read warning labels on child seats

Child passenger safety takes center stage in September with National Child Safety Week, an annual reminder for parents on ways to help prevent injuries.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal agency sponsoring the event, car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old. Deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of car seats, boosters, and seat belts.

Post-summer inspection helps prevent autumn breakdown

Those summer day trips, vacations and weekend events take a toll on your vehicle, and maintenance issues may go unnoticed until the first cool days of autumn.

“The biggest problems come from people putting off routine maintenance,” said Tony Molla of ASE, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a nonprofit certification agency for auto technicians. “Just like you routinely go to the dentist, your vehicle needs preventative care, too.”

Unique air truck provides life-saving support for firefighters

One of the most useful vehicles owned by fire departments nationwide doesn’t pump a gallon of water. Instead, the truck provides clean, breathable air to firefighters, an important commodity to someone charging into a searing building billowing with smoke.

“Firefighting is inherently dangerous and having a reliable supply of clean air allows us to perform in extremely hostile conditions,” said Capt. Ken Kuykendall of the Folsom Fire Department in California’s Central Valley.

Get a handle on dirty jobs with latest specialty brushes

Brushes wisk away dirt without scratching the surface

A towel and elbow grease aren't always the best choices for shining your vehicle.

Sometimes a brush is the right answer.   

“Brushes are great when you need to gently agitate while letting particulates get washed away,” said Jim Dvorak of Mothers, a polish company based in Southern California.

Drivers turn to dash cams for video evidence during accidents

Dash cams become eye witness to driving incidents

Cameras similar to those worn by thrillseekers are finding their way to the dashboards of safety-conscious drivers.

“Dash cameras are helpful in hit-and-run collisions – or other situations where you’d want to get someone’s license plate,” said Johan-Till Broer of Garman, a Kansas-based electronics company that started making dash cameras this year.