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Avoid Costly Repairs With Wheel Alignment

You clipped the curb while trying to parallel park and now the car drifts right. Left unaddressed, you could face an expensive repair or tire replacement. Now what?


Aromatherapy Makes for Relaxing Commute

A deep breath during gridlock works wonders--especially when you have a diffuser putting wisps of vanilla, lemon or lavender in the air.

There’s no shortage of delivery options for aromatics. How do you choose from waxes, diffusers, essential oils and good old-fashioned scented cardboard?

Lovers Spend Record Amount on Valentines

You can’t put a price on love. Just don’t tell that to the National Retail Federation.

The NRF tallied the average expenses and common items purchased on and around Valentine’s Day. See what they discovered.

Need for Speed Leads to Trouble for Teens

Five to 10 miles above the speed limit may not seem significant, especially to teen drivers.

Yet, a few mph usually becomes the dividing line between a safe journey and an accident.

Give Your Car A Boost With Portable Charger

A portable battery charger stashed discreetly in the trunk offers an alternative to calling roadside assistance.

However, experts urge consumers to do their homework and select a product that’s durable, functional and, above all, safe.

History Abounds at George Washington's Mt. Vernon Plantation

Presidential homes often serve as a snapshot to bygone times and a vivid connection with our historical roots.

Mt. Vernon offers fun insights into the life of George Washington and sobering realities faced by the young democracy.

Don't Get Left In Cold With Worn Out Spare

A spare tire has one job: Get you to a service station.

Of course, that can only happen if the spare itself is ready for use.

So when was the last time your spare was inspected?

Sinkholes No Longer A Rarity on Roadways

Of all the worries drivers encounter--slick roads, motorists on cell phones, traffic light runners and more--add a new category to the list.

Sinkholes have gone from rare oddity to recurring phenomenon in our urban landscape and range from benign inconvenience to deadly catastrophe. Here’s what to know.

A Clear View: Six Tips for Fog-Free Driving

It’s the dead of winter and the inside of your windshield suddenly goes milk white from fog.

Fortunately, you’ve thought ahead and have the solution in the glove box--a spray bottle of glass treatment and a dry cloth. In seconds, the fog is gone and you’re on your way.

Repair Chips, Cracks Before Spring Weather

Ignoring that chip in the windshield isn’t a long-term solution. In fact, there’s a chance the wound will only expand as the temperature drops this winter.