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Give Your Battery Its Summer Check-up

Summer heat can be deadly for car batteries--especially when under the strain of your vehicle's air conditioning system and electronic gadgetry.

Here's how to tell if your battery can handle the challenge or if it's time for a replacement.

Classic Cars Take Center Stage at Summer Events

The glimmer of paint. The striking curves. The connection with true Americana.

Classic car rallies have it all, and summer is classic car rally season.

Four Items for Next Camp Outing

Survivalists and glampers alike know that sinking feeling of believing something was packed only to learn it clearly wasn’t.

Bottom line: Preparation reigns supreme in the great outdoors.

How to Handle Sticky Dilemma of Summer

If the sun is an oven and insects are the batter, then your vehicle’s windshield is the cookie sheet.

Don’t despair. Follow a few simple steps to keep your windshield from turning into a sticky, caked mess this summer.

Make Old, Faded Rims Look Like New Again

Polished wheels mounted on jet black tires turns heads and draws stares for all the right reasons.

The glint of light radiating from a finely groomed vehicle is like wearing a tuxedo--it evokes style and sophistication. How can you give your vehicle that touch of panache?

Latest Devices Help Pets As Passengers

Most dogs love to ride in a car--the array of scents, smells, and sights delight their senses.

How can you keep your furry friend (and everyone else in the cabin) safe and secure?

Keep Your Cool While Traveling In Summer

Summer heat can’t be bullied, bought, reasoned, or negotiated with. That's especially true for your car or truck.

The only option is to prepare for the bruising effects of summer temperatures. See our suggestions.

A Moment of Honor for Humble Nickel

Perhaps Rodney Dangerfield’s face belongs on the nickel, because the coin gets no respect.

After 150 years the nickel still jingles in our pockets and falls between our car seats. Find out more.

Car Care Tips for Your Post-Vacation Blues

Sure, you and your family enjoyed the week-long road trip, except now the car looks like it was rented out to rock stars.

Fortunately, it only takes some time and effort to restore order. Here’s how to make your vehicle feel and smell like new again.

Indispensable Items for Every Road Trip

You’re already the de facto event planner, entertainment coordinator, chauffeur, and navigator for the family road trip.

But another role matters more than all the rest: Survivalist.

First-aid and emergency roadside kits are just two of several safety items you should pack before your next road trip.